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OBSESSION [long version]

Friday, May 24th, 2013

the lily pool


The yard rose deep with green blades of grass, green and warm-smelling. Close to cool earth I buried my cheek, feeling the blades long, and flat, and rough. Yellow grew: tiny yellow petals in tight hard bunches. Jagged green leaves smelled bitter and tasted even bitter-er. I crawled from knee to knee.
…Grass: up one blade a bee climbed…a water drop hung on the blade. A hopper went by and went by and went by and stopped. Then another came hopping over the grass and hopped again before I could reach him.

The shade behind the old build-ing where Daddy put the car felt cool. I was looking for nuts. Green clusters hung in the tree: black nuts lay on the ground. The shade broke into yellow pieces…yellow…yellow floating down and turning away. Wide spread the yellow, opening and closing, yellow-and-black, winging off to the shade near the kennel. It winged away just enough each time. I stood looking at that shade. Why are things so hard to catch? I wish some time I could catch some thing.

Every day was hot.
…Green plants covered the field, spreading low with round green leaves and pink clusters, sweet with hot scent. Bumblebees crawled the pink, bending them down, buzzing, crawling. A little mmm sound was all that came from me, thinking, There must be…some way, some way to catch one. There just must be.

Down to the black drooped willow leaves. The pool was black. Orange flowers stood in a row, their yellow-striped petals, curving backward. The orange was yellow-striped. Around the orange petals rose narrow leaves.
…It had dragon eyes. The blue stick hung bluely. With dragon eyes the stick stared. It didn’t move. I didn’t move. It didn’t move. I didn’t move—then—gone.
…I crept behind the drooping leaves, watched now from the drooping leaves. There. Close. A frog. Green with dark spots. The blue swung low, facing me from the side and turned and backed slowly away. The frog sat green and still: an eyelid. Blinked. Slowly. Unblinked. I waited. Holding a bucket I waited: eye black. Gold circled—then
…I leapt from the leaves with the bucket big bucket high swinging over and down—heavy down down down in the water deep—
…And I had him!
…I had him.