The Girl with the Hairy Legs

Latvian book


Haunting the Baltic nation of Latvia is a creeping monster.

A matchbook cover is found in pursuit of this sadist that says “Sioux Falls, South¬† Dakota.” Missing is a Lutheran missionary. Her brother Luke is compelled to travel to Latvia in search of her, leaving his girlfriend Constance behind. Constance has begun a prison ministry in the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

But a stalker begins menacing her, a dark figure from the past, who threatens to reveal an ugly secret about her that no one must know. Meanwhile, the creeping monster continues to horrify Latvia.

Luke and a woman with whom he has fallen deeply in love stumble across The Creeper’s den in the medi√¶val city of Riga, witnessing a chamber of horrors!

Fate plays a double hand in the shocking denouement of this romantic but cruel tale.


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